Frequently asked questions



How much will I get for my items?

Our team will provide you with a non-obligation suggested guide price; this is simply what we believe the item might sell for at auction based on our experience, this is not a valuation.

Our goal is to be transparent about our process by setting realistic expectations of how much your item could fetch.

What if I don’t agree with the suggested price?

We will commit to a suggested starting price. If you are not happy with our suggestion, you are not obligated to submit your item with us. 

Can I put a reserve price on my item?
Yes, Absolutely.  However we don't recommend putting reserve prices on items that are not of great value

How will I know if my item is in an Auction?

We will notify you either by phone or email to let you know that your item has been lotted.

How will I know when my item has sold?

Once the sale has been finalised and closed, you will be notified if your item sold.

How do I receive payment for my sold items?

The QLD laws on sale at auction are very strict to protect you, the seller. As such our banking is set up on a trust account, meaning that your funds are 100% secure.

After your item has sold, the sale is finalised from our BOH system and declared, the funds are made available.

A cheque will be produced and posted to your nominated address within 7-10 days.

What happens if my cheque doesn’t arrive?

Don’t panic! Your funds are secure because of the trust!
Please notify us in writing. We can then confirm that the cheque has not been banked and have another reissued.

What happens if items do not sell? 

If your items are not sold you can either come and collect them, or we can put them into our next sale. This doesn’t cost you anything.

Can I withdraw my item if I change my mind?
Yes, up until the point of sale, the item is still owed by you.  At the point that the auctioneer puts the item to the public, it then becomes the property of the final bidder.